Dear Vikki,

There are no words to express the deep gratitude I feel for the day you allowed God to gift us with yesterday at REVIVAL 356. At one point, I had to step out of the barn to just breathe, and praise God, and try to absorb the experience. I was overwhelmed by God’s grace and your gifts. I stared out at all the animals and just chuckled. There was so much to laugh about . . . such joy. To witness you “in the Spirit” using your gifts so effortlessly, peeling back the dark curtain, creating a safe place for us all to share, reminding us to receive and not judge and to be kind to ourselves. There were so many profoundly powerful moments. Do you see what you did? What God did? Hope. Healing. Future. Dreams. Possibilities. A simple peace. A natural beauty. A supportive, kind husband. Freedom. Creativity. Love. There are no words, dear friend. I remain humbled and awed and overwhelmed by you and by God’s grace.


“I felt lost and now I feel found.”


When you invited me to come to the farm for a Bible study class in a barn, I was a little leery. I decided to visit and I am so glad I came. It changed my life. I was in a very unhappy, stagnant place in my life. Having trouble with my children and just feeling empty, God sent me to your retreat. As I stepped out of my car I could feel a presence of calmness come over me that I had not felt before. That day was a start to a new season in my life. I had no idea the pain that I was carrying around with me. I did not want to leave that peaceful feeling.

There is something about your farm that makes one feel loved and accepted, as they are, as Jesus accepts does. I can tell Jesus has anointed your property for His use of bringing the lost back to him. I have spent more time with the Lord since I started coming to the retreat. The work I see you do with teenagers is wonderful. My son had been having a difficult time with life, but you opened your arms and let him in, as you always do for everyone. I can see the spark back in his eyes for life just by coming to talk to you and visiting the farm.  He looks so forward to visiting. I never knew how healing the animals could be to both of us. You have brought such joy and life back into me and my family. Thank you for all the love and kindness you have shown us.