Revival 356 barn and paddock

Welcome To Revival 356

Come be refreshed, renewed & restored.

Providing Book Studies & Small Groups

Women's Retreats

Life Coaching

Come all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28

Welcome to Revival 356

You are invited for a time of renewal and refreshment. Revival 356 offers a unique and beautiful setting to quiet your mind, body, and soul.

REVIVAL 356 is a retreat sanctuary developed to serve those who have been called to help others and in so doing, are in need of renewal and refreshment themselves. The sanctuary provides a sacred place to be nurtured and restored. We create an opportunity through nature, art and animals to revive the human spirit.

Our mission is to be a sanctuary where the soul is reminded of its worth. Where people are awakened to a life of purpose and presence by remembering all God created them to be.

You Are Loved, Worthy, & Enough!

About Revival 356

Our Services Include

Life Coaching

Vikki provides life coaching in the North Georgia area, specializing in helping people reach their full God-given potential and become the person they were ultimately created to be

Book Studies

These virtual book studies will walk you through some of the most impactful spiritual books as you learn to nurture your soul, while also giving you a taste of farm relaxation


Revival 356 offers soul renewing craft workshops on the farm, including projects like vision boards, hand-made journals, Christmas projects, seasonal projects, and more

Antique Shows

The antique and art shows at Revival 356 offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the creative artwork of local artists and antique specialists in the relaxing setting for the revival farm

Event Rental

If the beautiful and serene Revival 356 farm facilities speak to your heart and you have an event you’re planning to host, the farm facilities are available for rent on a daily basis

Womens Retreats

Revival 356 is a place where those who help and serve others can come for renewal and refreshment for themselves Retreats might focus on yoga, meditation, soul care, and more

About The Farm…

My prayer is that immediately when you get out of your car…you feel it, a different rhythm, a different energy, a slower pace that comes to life right in front of you. That our ole country dogs come running out to greet you with such love and acceptance and that you sense the love in the air. There is a good chance that C.J. our goat who was raised in our home comes to greet you right alongside the dogs.

We hope you can feel immediately that out here it isn’t important what you do, where you come from, your political beliefs or where your spiritual doctrine originates. We just want to meet you where you are with love, kindness and compassion. We believe that if you make it out here, our paths are supposed to cross and on some level, we need each other and it is a holy encounter and we are honored you made it here.

The barn is the heartbeat of our place where most group gatherings take place. It is filled from floor to ceiling with antiques, hardware, linens, lace, buttons and so many other old forgotten things just waiting to be brought back to life through new creations.
Just outside the barn is where our llama Loula Mae, our sheep Mary Ellen our 13 goats and chickens call home. We have church pews right outside the fence if you aren’t quite ready to be loved up on by all these animals.

We have a 6 passenger and a 3 passenger Kubota that helps us get around our 27 acres. A short ride down in the holler and you can have a picnic in a field, lay on your back in the grass, hang out on the front porch of the cabin, wade through the creek or visit our 4 horses in the back pasture.