There are no words to express the deep gratitude I feel for REVIVAL 356. At one point, I had to step out of the barn to just breathe, and praise God, and try to absorb the experience. I was overwhelmed by God’s grace and your gifts. I stared out at all the animals and just chuckled. There was so much to laugh about . . . such joy. To witness you “in the Spirit” using your gifts so effortlessly, peeling back the dark curtain, creating a safe place for us all to share, reminding us to receive and not judge and to be kind to ourselves. There were so many profoundly powerful moments. Do you see what you did? What God did? Hope. Healing. Future. Dreams. Possibilities. A simple peace. A natural beauty. A supportive, kind husband. Freedom. Creativity. Love. There are no words, dear friend. I remain humbled and awed and overwhelmed by you and by God’s grace.

– Lisa

“I felt lost and now I feel found.”

I am so thankful for the monthly Sign Post offering and the compassionate, transparent, loving and kind environment that is provided by Vikki & Eric at Revival 356.  The principles shared each month year after year are the same, it is me and my perception of myself and others that changes.  Each month I venture deeper into the work as my understanding develops, and my heart feels safe to trust and work through the feelings that come up. The farm provides such a diverse environment of offerings from book study groups to retreats to one on one coaching sessions so that as I work out my “soul aches” I feel supported and met every step of the way.  I am so thankful for Revival 356 and the mission they faithfully walk out day by day.

-Gina H.

I was introduced a little over a year ago to Vikki through Signpost Saturdays and honestly, it has changed my life.  What Signpost Saturdays offer is an opportunity to be with like minded people.  People who are on a journey to heal and become their true selves.  Vikki’s own authenticity is so evident in everything she does.  The barn itself is a place that feels peaceful, warm, accepting and loving.  The lessons and experiences shared by Vikki each month teach us self compassion, forgiveness and grace.  I have also engaged with Vikki one-on-one and with each meeting leave with a greater understanding of myself and how to move through this wonderful but crazy life.  

I cannot forget to mention the animals….just wow.  What lovely creatures and great examples of so many life lessons.  The whole place is simply  magical. 

-Rhonda H.

I just want to thank you for assisting me in getting on and staying on my own healing journey. I’ve learned through you that each person’s journey is unique to them. There are many ways, as many as there are people. Your sign posts each month are like navigational beacons for my own journey. I bathe in them like a bubble bath, sometimes they wash over me and sometimes they sink into me. I have had to learn that both are ok. Your book on Reconnecting with the Inner Child has changed my life and continues to daily. I will treasure my book always, I am working through the study and am so thankful for this tool. Your podcast has made Tuesday’s my new favorite day of the week. As I have told you before, your voice is like chapstick for my soul. I listen and can close my eyes and envision the barn at the Farm and my soul feels peaceful.

Thank you for being you, for baring your souls to others so that in turn we can bare ours to others. It is what life is about, to live out our own individual truths, to feel our feelings and to know that we are worthy, loved and enough!

-Holli W.

Vikki is a gifted leader and teacher in guiding people through their own unique journey of self-discovery. Each individual has their own path toward healing and learning and Vikki is a patient expert on equipping you with some amazing tools and principles to help you navigate that

journey. She has years of experience through trials and struggles as well as growth and joy that have brought her to a pinnacle of wisdom and insight on the human experience and the human

soul. I have found many of her principles to be universal and so deeply relatable. As Vikki so often says, this kind of journey is not so much a linear one, as it is a lifelong journey of growth and discovery. I am so grateful with all of my being to have been introduced to Vikki’s principles

Through Farm2Souls. She has an amazing and lifechanging workbook “The Little Girl Within” that takes you deeper into the process of self-discovery. Her newly released podcast “From the Holler” puts a voice to Vikki if you don’t have the pleasure of working with her live

and in person and really lets you get to know her in a more personal way. She is one of the most soulful and dynamic people I have ever met and she has left a tremendous footprint on my life.

– Jacqueline S.