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About Vikki

To me following Jesus means receiving love and then giving it away, in that order. For the first half of my life, I fought and rejected my genetic blue print, my gift from God, who He created me to be. This was compounded by alcoholism, addiction and depression. This all came to an end on September 11, 2001 on the floor underneath a desk at Home Depot’s corporate office while on the phone talking to a pastor about suicide.

Jesus has brought many people across my path to help me along this journey. It has not been easy and I have made it much harder than it has to be. However, He turns it all for his good. In my experience, to the degree we suffer is to the degree we have compassion. For the last part of life my hand has been extended to receive…it is now my turn not to waste one tear and extend my hand to give.

It is up to me how deep or shallow I choose to live my life, I now choose to live it from the deepest part of my being, I am joyful, I am grateful, I have a strong sense of spirit, caring for others hearts as closely as my own. Life continues to teach me love, compassion, and healing. I have been called to share all that I am, all that I have, and all that I have learned with the world . . . It is well with my soul.

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About Eric

As a child, I heard about God through Sunday school stories in the Bible and knew there had to be a creator for all of the beauty in the world. But as a child I could not comprehend God’s love for me.

Somewhere along my path I became lost. I spent the next 25 years of my life living for me and worse, conscious that I was not listening to God’s calling. I recall at rest His calls were as subtle as “I love you follow me,” but I was deaf to his call. God put up road blocks, stop signs, red flags… and again that still small voice would call out to me, “I love you follow me,” still I would not respond.

Finally Jesus did for me what I would not do for myself. He intervened in a way that got my attention. I surrendered and gave my life to Him. I was born to Christ and surrendered my life to Him. He began a work in me and gave me a desire to choose to serve rather than take, give rather than expect, and build rather than ignore.

Now I find peace and comfort in the loving embrace of our heavenly Father. If someone would have told me 15 years ago that I would be in this current place in life I would have told them they were crazy. But through God all things are possible. I have a beautiful wife that is a light in this world, she loves Jesus and the world is a better place with her.