An Awakened Life, An Unlearning Journey

Sign Post 1: I am a spiritual being having a human experience.
Sign Post 2: I am honest, open and willing. I have an Open Mind and an Open Heart
Sign Post 3: What I focus on expands. My thoughts create my reality.
Sign Post 4: I am present, I practice the discipline of noticing miracles and the unfolding of God everywhere, this is the rhythm of His Grace.
Sign Post 5: I allow, rather than interfere, acceptance of what is.  In all things, I give thanks.
Sign Post 6:  I can’t give what I don’t have, love, kindness and compassion start with me.
Sign Post 7:  The only way out is through. I feel my feelings all the way through, but don’t drown in them.
Sign Post 8:  Spot it, You got it
Sign Post 9:  I speak my truth from a place of love
Sign Post 10: There is an inner child within each of us that wants to be seen, heard, acknowledged and encouraged.
Sign Post 11:  Be still and know.
Sign Post 12:  I am Loved, I am Worthy, I am Enough.