An Awakened Life, An Unlearning Journey

At the heart of The Farm we have 12 guiding spiritual principles. These spiritual principles have come from many places: my work in therapy, the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, philosophy, and scripture. When I practice these principles, I experience peace. When I do not, I experience suffering. I call them “Signposts” … directional pointers to help guide me home when I’m lost. Back home to God and back home to the deepest part of myself.

I have wrestled with, resisted, run from, and eventually surrendered to these principles. 

This integration of waking up and letting go will last as long as I am on this side of heaven. 

I continue to share what I need to learn in hopes that with each passing of these truths, they go deeper into my soul. 

The 12 Signposts

As I say at the farm, these are just pointers .. “Signposts” … to help you follow your heart and your path back home to God.

Signpost 1: I am a spiritual being having a human experience.
Signpost 2: I am honest, open and willing. I have an Open Mind and an Open Heart
Signpost 3: What I focus on expands. My thoughts create my reality.
Signpost 4: I am present, I practice the discipline of noticing miracles and the unfolding of God everywhere, this is the rhythm of His Grace.
Signpost 5: I allow, rather than interfere, acceptance of what is.  In all things, I give thanks.
Signpost 6:  I can’t give what I don’t have, love, kindness and compassion start with me.
Signpost 7:  The only way out is through. I feel my feelings all the way through, but don’t drown in them.
Signpost 8:  Spot it, You got it
Signpost 9:  I speak my truth from a place of love
Signpost 10: There is an inner child within each of us that wants to be seen, heard, acknowledged and encouraged.
Signpost 11:  Be still and know.
Signpost 12:  I am Loved, I am Worthy, I am Enough.

I was taught in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous that the 12 steps are a circle to be repeated, and each time we go through them they are sewn into our hearts just a little deeper. There are 12 spiritual principles at the heart of the farm, and like the 12 steps of AA, they are circular for me. They are not a list of things to do and be crossed off but a shift in being that gets deeper each time I move through them. Sometimes I remember them and sometimes I forget. It isn’t so much about when I remember them or when I forget them as it is the awareness to offer myself compassion in the remembering and in the forgetting.

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Signpost Saturdays

“Signpost Saturdays” are a monthly open group gathering lead by Vikki where she teaches about one of the above 12 spiritual principles that are the heart of Revival 356. This adult discussion is a designated quiet and holy time for you. Please leave distractions at home. For a list of this year’s Signpost dates, CLICK HERE. If you’d like to attend, please let us know by RSVPing on the Facebook event page or emailing Vikki: