Reconnecting To The Little Girl Within – Workbook

Inner child work can be the gift you give to yourself that ends up changing everything. It contains such profound and life-changing power. I have experienced this directly. There is nothing that altered the course of my life more than reconnecting to the little girl deep inside. This book and inner child workbook are meant to be revisited again and again.

By choosing this work and healing your inner child, you are giving her a voice. She will reveal to you your deepest wounds and help you understand how you got to where you are. She will give you love and compassion for you to consciously choose a softer, more gentle, forgiving and loving way to show up for your life and your relationships.

You are saying yes to breaking generational, conditioned, unhealthy patterns by doing your healing work. All of us have healing work to do.

I believe this is the greatest thing that we can do, because, by healing the inner child, we bring healing to every relationship we are in, and we model for others the importance of doing the same.

We were never created to walk this journey alone. We are a community of women who are kindred, deep souls, finding our way home.

This is an experience and adventure of a lifetime!

  • Reclaim your voice, your importance and remember your wholeness.
  • Connect with an Infinite Source of Love, allow yourself to be loved and then share that love with others.
  • Begin to listen to the little girl within whisper and trust she knows the deepest truths within you.

Keep your heart open to the wonder and awe of it all.

This journey is meant to be walked with other women who are also on their healing path. This deep and purposeful work is best experienced when shared in community. If you’re interested in joining our community or learning more about inner child healing courses and other events offered by Farm2Souls, please visit

YOU are Wildly Loved!