Sign Post #3 – Thoughts Create Reality

What I focus on expands. My thoughts create my reality.

What I focus on expands. My thoughts create my reality.


  • The Law of Attraction
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • What I Focus on Expands
  • The Art of Allowing
  • Adikara
  • The Giver and The Gift
  • The Practice

In 1989 I stumbled upon The Unity Church, and the course of my life forever changed. There was still much addiction, abuse and heartache to be felt and lived out. However, I had the awareness that I was choosing this way of life and could no longer blame its effects on God and others.

These sign posts are me sharing the tools that changed the direction of my life. I was committed (unconsciously, of course) to suffering. When I could no longer live with myself, I was busted wide open and shattered into many pieces. This is one of the greatest gifts of my life. It allowed me to begin anew. Fully present, God and I slowly, intentionally, and compassionately started putting Vikki back together again.

I am called to share the tools that helped me – not so that you will follow in my path — but so that you will follow your deepest desires, your calling, your longings, and your truth. God is continually calling you to be everything that He created you to be. You get to choose, you get to decide.



The Law of Attraction

Signpost #3: “What I focus on expands; my thoughts create my reality” are spiritual principles based on The Law of Attraction.

“Simply put, The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality.”

This spiritual principle is based on science. Energy is science, not philosophy. Everything is made up of energy. Everything carries a vibration. The intensity of the vibration carries a frequency. The more focused the thoughts and intense the feelings, the higher vibration and the frequency. We don’t attract what we casually say or a fleeting thought, we attract what we are. We attract what we focus on, what we repeat, and what we believe on a deep soul level.


As you think, so you are.

As you are, so you act.

As you act, so you attract.

James Allen


Cognitive Behavior Therapy

One of the ways that I started integrating The Law of Attraction was through Cognitive Behavior Therapy. CBT is a process that consists of thoughts, feelings, actions. A thought determines how we feel. A feeling determines what action we take — everything starts with a thought. CBT is a tool that can help interrupt ingrained destructive thought patterns and, with practice, shift our thoughts from suffering to abundance and gratitude.  My work with Pat and CBT was and continues to have a profound effect on my life.


“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”  ~Melody Beattie

What I Focus on Expands

How it works for me:

I ask.

I get excited of how it is all going to unfold.

I come back to where I am currently (without the thing), and I look for everything that I can be grateful for in my current situation. I connect with the feelings (vibration) of what it will be like when my “Ask” is “Given,” AND most importantly for me, I am so grateful for where I am presently (without the thing) because it has created a longing in my heart of a new experience. It is an opportunity to connect with Christ and Follow Him.  I know that this is God calling out to me, I feel like He is saying, come this way, come this way, come this way.  One step at a time, being fully present, I have learned to trust, “Thy will not my will be done.”

This has been the awakening part for me … when thoughts come to me about wanting something, I don’t look around and focus on why it isn’t here, why it can’t happen, why I don’t ever get what I want. I don’t try to control how this could possibly ever happen. Focusing on wanting of the thing brings more wanting. Focusing on lack, scarcity, what I’m missing, and manipulation of how I’m going to get attracts more lack, scarcity, and control because what I focus on expands.  When I am complaining, my vibration lowers, and I lose my connection to Christ.


The Art of Allowing

“The art of allowing” is the process I’m committed to: I ask, I get in the feeling (the vibration) of what it is going to feel like when it is here, I embrace the excitement of the feeling that it is on its way, I let go of how God is going to work out the details, I trust God, and I create space (His timing) for it to show up. And I feel and express a rampage of gratitude of where I currently am. Giving thanks for everything that is here, right now, in this moment.  It is asking and then detaching in love of how and when it will show up. Most importantly is to come back to the present moment and give endless thanks for all that is present right now. My process is: ASK.  GET EXCITED. TRUST. DETACH FROM THE OUTCOME AND THE DETAILS. COME BACK TO THE PRESENT MOMENT AND GIVE THANKS FOR ALL THAT IS PRESENTLY HERE.  SEE GOD EVERYWHERE.


Adikara – The right to know or the right to have

If we want something and we truly believe it is on its way, then we will build the competency for the thing. We will begin to prepare and cultivate the soil for the seed we have planted. We will work on creating conditions and prepare for its arrival. I have learned that adikara takes practice.


The Giver and The Gift

I believe God is calling me to connect with Him by putting a desire in my heart. This entire signpost is about focusing on God. It is about an exchange between me and God. It is about me choosing to be in relationship with God, moment to moment throughout my day. I have come to understand that the desire in my heart is an opportunity to trust God and focus on God at a deeper level. The desire in my heart is secondary, I believe that we were created for this process.


“I reward your seeking with My Presence.” GC



Sewing it to your heart


“Ask and it is given”

What and how are you asking?


“Whatever a man sows that shall he also reap.”

What are you sowing, cultivating, and reaping?


“As a man thinks so shall he be.”

Pay attention to your thoughts, create space and awareness just to notice, without judgment. What are your thoughts throughout your day? Are you willing to reach for some new thoughts? Research shows we have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day….AND we will have the same 60,000 tomorrow that we have today.

“A blessed life is the sure result of right thought.  By blessed, I don’t mean merely wealthy – a person can be rich and miserable.  Blessedness is a state of harmony and happiness.  This is the measure of a good life.  You cannot directly choose your circumstances; but by changing your thoughts, you can indirectly reshape your circumstances. As you change your attitude towards things and people, they will change towards you.  Gates that were previously locked will open; people will be eager to help you.  New opportunities will spring up at every turn.” 

~James Allen


“Whatever we send out in word or deed, returns to us; what we give, we will receive.”

What are you sending out? What are you giving: to God, yourself and others?


“What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes? Therein lies the key to your earthly pursuits.”  ~Carl Jung



My prayer for you is that you spend some time with God, create some stillness, stay open, and listen to what God has uniquely placed in your heart. Allow yourself time and space to get off the world’s rhythm and get on God’s rhythm. Tune your eyes, your ears, your heart, your focus, and your energy on God. Everything you want and everything you are called to be is given from God. Go to God directly, connect with the Source, The Creator of everything. You are the asker, He is the giver. In spending time with God, may you come to see yourself in the way He sees you. May you have the courage to bring His creation, that is you, the desires of your heart and all your one-of-a-kind wonder into the world!

I will be forever grateful to Florence Scovel Shinn and Abraham Hicks and James Allen. Their work changed my perspective and understanding of life. To get in the flow rather than fighting life. To listen to the beat of my heart and my desires, and trust that God placed them here. Most importantly, the truth of who Jesus is and who He created me to be. I can no longer hide or diminish my Light and pretend that is what God wants. He needs you and me to be everything that He created us to BE!

Shine your one-of-a-kind light into the world!


YOU are Loved.

YOU are Worthy.

YOU are Enough.